What I felt about the situation in Japan and action by the Japanese government when it comes to fighting the COVID-19

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I will try to write down what I feel about everything in English to study English.

At first, I want to thank the government and healthcare workers. They are really working hard against the virus.

Situation in Japan

The number of infected people is increasing day by day in Japan. Fortunately, the number of people who died of the virus is really low compared with other countries. However, no one knows what brought this figure. Some people say this is because the medical system in Japan is really great. On the other hand, others report that it is because Japan didn't check whether people are infected or not. Anyway, the situation is getting worse now. Also, some media report that some people are still going out at the sightseeing spot. A lot of Japanese are afraid that the number of infected people in Japan will be as same as in America.

Why the Japan government cannot punish rule breakers

There are some silly people who care about only themselves in every country. They break a rule and others imitate them. It cannot be helped. So, many people might think the Japanese government should punish people who break a rule. However, the Japanese government does not have the power to punish them, unlike other countries.

It is because after the second world war, America defeated Japan and replaced the core of the constitution. Before WW2, the Japanese government had big authority and started a war. Therefore, America didn't want Japan to start a war again, so they got rid of the power from the Japanese government. The base of law in Japan is still not changing. So, the Japanese government cannot punish people who try to go out. In other words, in contrast to other countries, the Japanese government is not entitled to force people to stay at home and company to close their business.

Actually, democracy and decentralization promote the development of the economy in Japan after WW2. On the other hand, the government cannot take action immediately in this emergent situation. Everything has its pros and cons.

What the Japanese government will take action?

As the first action, they decided to supply two cloth masks for each family. Countries all over the world were surprised by this strategy. People still don't receive them because the delivery network is still undeveloped.

These days, the Japanese government tries to take action in providing people who live in Japan with cash, a one-time one thousand US dollars per person. It took a long time to take an action though. At first, the government hesitated to supply each person with cash. In 2009(financial crisis), the Japanese government distributed cash but it didn't affect anything and approval rating for cabinet decreased. The government is afraid that it will happen again. In addition, they have a massive debt that is the biggest all over the world.

However, lately, they decided to support people in Japan. This action should be appreciated. Everyone is glad to hear that. However, I am not happy about this news. It is because this strategy is for people who live in Japan, not for people who live in other countries even if they are Japanese like me. It is not fixed but this strategy will be more likely to implement. This seems like an unlucky and unfair strategy.

What I feel about this strategy by the Japanese government

I am sad but not angry. I understand it makes sense that people who pay tax into the government including non-Japanese can receive this privilege. But, I want the government to consider supporting not only people residing in Japan but also Japanese people who challenge for something abroad.

I think it is really hard for people who raised in Japan to go out of Japan. We are really a minority. A lot of Japanese are not willing to go out since the domestic economy is still huge. Also, it is one of the reasons as well that they can only speak Japanese and Japanese is spoken in only Japan. In this situation, some people try to go out for their new challenges. People who work internationally will play an important role when we think about the future of Japan. Our culture tends to prefer internal people to external people. Therefore, other cultures might recognize Japan is conservative. We should reconsider this bias again. I am really glad if our government supports such an external person like us. If so, I think Japan will become more open society.

Honestly, I don't have any financial problems so far but I feel the government abandon us. So, I just want to say "We are here!".

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