Why was I moving from Japan? What do I change?

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I am going to look back at the past to clarify my thought why I came to Canada. When I decided to go to Canada, my family and friends asked me the question why I would leave Japan. At that time, I could not express it well. However, I have been in Canada for one year and I get used to this new environment. So, now I try to clarify what I feel again.

Why I was moving out from Japan

It is because I wanted to challenge something new that I could devote myself to and will be useful skills all over the world.

Before I came to Canada, I got a nice job and a good salary. Also, I had a good relationship with my family and friends, coworkers as well. Everything was going well. However, I didn't think my skills were brushed up than before.

In addition, I was afraid of staying only the one country. As technology rapidly advances, the situation is dramatically changing day by day. It is more impossible to predict how the world will become in the future. On the other hand, I used to speak only Japanese. Japanese is spoken only in Japan so that it is tough to move out from Japan, which means that If the economy of Japan will decline, it will cause my salary to decrease as well. I am thinking that I would not decrease this risk unless I live up in the world. Japan has many serious problems like aging-society, a bunch of debt, low investment of information technology, and so on. I have a conclusion that it is risky to stay in only Japan.

So, I decided to come to Canada to enhance my skills and avoid risks.

Why I chose Canada

The main part of the reason is due to Visa. Canada is a country that welcomes immigrants. So, it is easier to get a work permit and permanent Visa as well compared with other countries like America. Honestly, I was interested in America, but I gave up going there because it was getting hard to get a Visa in America.

Besides, Canada is a developed country in the field of IT industry. Also, English is spoken in Vancouver where I am living in. Those points helped bring me to Canada as well.

What I change after I move in other culture

The biggest thing that I changed is that I am have been focused on studying every day for my goal. When I was in Tokyo, I was reading a book and programming occasionally. However, I did not set any goals for myself. I usually spent my free time hanging out with friends and on my hobby instead of developing my skills. After I decided to go to Canada, I have a clear goal that I want to work abroad. For that reason, I have been able to continue studying English and programming every day.

Moreover, I have friends who have the same goal as me in Canada. I am an international student here so far. I enrolled in a college to study Computer Science. I met many people who are willing to work abroad as a software developer. Staying with them helps me to enhance my ambitiousness.

Sow an action, and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and reap a destiny. -- William James

William James says the above. I noticed that setting a goal and changing the environment is really important. As he mentioned, my action changes my life and I have a habit of programming and speaking English now. I know I have not achieved my goal yet and there is still room for improvement in my English and programming. However, I definitely think that I am improving them. If I proceed to work towards my goal, I believe I will grab my hope. I am going to continue making an effort for it. I never stop learning.

To be honest, I wanted to mention these conclusions, so I decided to write down this article.

other questions to clarify my thought

What do I think about my decision to come to Canada

I am totally satisfied with coming to Canada. I believe my decision is right. Even If I had come back to the past, I would take the same choice.

What do I feel like Vancouver?

Vancouver is a really nice place. It has rich nature and beautiful beaches. It takes less than 20 minutes to go to both areas from downtown. And, there are many restaurants from all over the world so that we can enjoy eating exotic food.

Besides, people in Vancouver are kind and talkative. They usually give their seat to an elder or disable person on a bus and train. I also see the scene that they praise other's good points like fashion or their belongings even if they do not know each other.

Unfortunately, there are negative points in Vancouver. In some areas, there are a lot of druggies and homeless. I feel fear and danger when I pass by the area.

What is the negative point to come to a foreign country?

Time to stay with my family and friends become short. Texting and video calling helps to keep in touch with them but talking in person is the best communication. And, it is hard to contact each other because of time different. When I go to bed, they are still working.

Doesn't other countries have the same problems with Japan?

As I mentioned, one of the reasons why I left my native country is to avoid risks that Japan is holding like a recession or aging-society. However, every country has a lot of problems like Japan so that we can not escape from the risks unless we move to other planets. Yes, I agree. My answer is that having multi choices, not one choice is a better way to decrease the risk. All choices might become worse but I can escape from choosing the worst choice. For instance, as the aging-society causes a recession all over the world, one government declares to focus on the medical industry, and another government focuses on the tech industry. If you are a computer engineer, which choice are you going to take?

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